Securing the Supply of quality broiler breeding stock

Security of Supply is essential to our Aviagen Commitment of Health, Food Safety and Food Security, as we work to help our customers, the world’s poultry producers, put food on every table of families in their growing communities. We fulfill this commitment by putting into practice a number of solid supply-chain strategies. Thus, when trade restrictions and other challenges threaten, no matter where our customers are located on the globe, they can continue to rely on the availability of best-in-class broiler breeding chicks. Security of supply is just one way we are #BreedingSustainability for our producers and the people they serve.

See how our strategies work together in the video and the Security of Supply infographic.


  • Securing the supply of high-quality breeding stock begins with excellence in biosecurity. Bird health is protected by the industry’s most rigorous and carefully monitored procedures that are aimed at preventing the introduction and spread of harmful disease-causing pathogens, meeting and exceeding all official regulations for the trade of poultry breeding stock. Further strengthening biosecurity, our global team of more than 30 veterinarians work tirelessly to care for the health of our birds, performing regular and biosecurity and welfare audits.

  • A supply-chain strategy with undeniable success is compartmentalization. Due to our outstanding biosecurity, Aviagen became the world’s first poultry breeding company to achieve status for our operations in the United Kingdom, and was later the first US poultry breeding company to achieve this certification. In fact, many of our global supply bases have been compartment-approved. Compartmentalization gives confidence to an importing country that the birds they receive are healthy, thus safeguarding food security for local economies.

  • Looking out for our birds along every step of their international/continental journeys is a large global team of export specialists. These dedicated professionals go above and beyond to get birds safely to the other side of the world, ensuring their unique needs are cared for along the way. They work together with a network of global colleagues, finding innovative solutions to any challenges that would threaten the safe and timely delivery of healthy, high-quality chicks to poultry producers everywhere.

  • Aviagen has a far-reaching global supply network with production facilities spread across five continents, providing multiple bases from which to ship poultry breeding stock. Thus, if bird illness, natural disasters, or other trade barriers strike at one location, birds can be exported from another region of the world. And, we invest heavily to locate our birds as closely as possible to our key markets. We currently have XXX production facilities and XX commercial hatcheries supplying local customers in more than 100 countries, and these numbers continue to grow.

  • To keep the supply chain open, all members of the global supply chain must be on board, communicating regularly and openly about issues that would threaten export and trade. Aviagen is actively involved with poultry associations such as the International Poultry Council (IPC), International Air Transportation Association (IATA) and others. We also work closely with policy makers and government agencies. As a primary poultry breeder, we realize that we are only one link in the supply chain, but when we build a community of stakeholders, we are stronger in ensuring the availability of quality breeding stock to producers across the globe.